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Virtual Villagers Cheat Page

I don't know about everyone else, but I hate trying to find a cheat page for a game, but can only find hints and endless unanswered forum questions. So, I have decided to share the information I gathered from looking around and beating the game.
Note- if you only want hints, DO NOT READ THIS! These cheats are very specific and will help you when you are truly stuck.

Puzzle Cheats
puzzles are ordered going across the rows from left to right, starting at the top left hand corner.
by the way, if you're hoping something neat will happen when you finish the puzzles, like a thing telling you that you won, forget it. nothing special happens.
Puzzle 1: the well - put a villager to work on the construction in the middle of the village, then when they have a little experiance, take them to the well. they will fix it.
Puzzle 2: the hut - have one or more villagers work on the construction in the middle of the village until it is done. you can check thier progress by clicking on the construction.
Puzzle 3: the ocean - drag a villager to the debris on the beach. they will start cleaning it up. it takes a very long time, and there is no way to check the progress.
Puzzle 4: the school - take a master scientist to the long hut, they will convert it into a school. you get a master scientist by having a villager research for a while.
Puzzle 5: the lagoon - You must upgrade to contruction level 2 before completeing this puzzle. once you have, take a villager to the pile of rocks in the top right hand corner of the island. have them clear it until it is gone, which will take a while.
Puzzle 6: the fish - you must complete puzzle 5 for this. once you upgrade to harvesting level three, Take a master farmer to the lagoon, and they will begin hunting a strange fish. It may take many tries before they succeed, so be patient and keep trying.
Puzzle 7: the graveyard - you must upgrade to spirituality level 2 first. once a villager dies (hopefully from old age) drag a villager to the upper right hand corner of the island. they'll do the rest.
Puzzle 8: the plants - there are many strange plants surrounding the edges of the island. drag villagers to all the plants and let them study them. it doesn't have to be the same villager for it to work. (Plant locations: three on wall between boulder and lagoon, one just below the lagoon, and two odd looking flowers on the right hand side of the island)
Puzzle 9: the flowers - you must complete puzzle 5 for this. on the right side of the island, below the graveyard, your villagers will see dead flowers. let them water the flowers with the lagoon water... eventually they will grow.
Puzzle 10: the star flower - you must complete puzzle 13 and 14 for this. once you have butterflies following your golden child (this will make sense if you read the other puzzles) take him to the middle plant along the wall between the boulder (or cave, if you've finished that puzzle) and the lagoon.
Puzzle 11: the temple - you must upgrade to construction level 3 for this. you may also have to have spirituality level 2, but i'm unsure if that was a requirement.
once you do, drag a builder to the rocks at the bottom right corner of the island. it will take a while, as all construction does.
Puzzle 12: the idol - you must complete puzzle 11 for this. you must also upgrade to spirituality level 3. afterward, drag a builder to the rock that everyone's been so curious about, located below the lagoon. again, it takes a while.
Puzzle 13: the golden child - you must complete puzzles 5 and 12 for this. you must also upgrade to fertility level 3. take a nursing mother to the lagoon. the golden child will appear and will remain 5 years old, no matter how long you wait. he can do the puzzles that require him imediately.
Puzzle 14: the butterfly - you must complete puzzles 9 and 13 for this. take the golden child to the flower garden. it may not work the first time, so just keep moving him around. the butterflies also may have to be on the map, but i'm not sure.
Puzzle 15: the treasure - you must upgrade to construction level 3 and technology level 3 for this. take a master builder to the area below the food bin and drop him around until he digs. it takes a few tries, but eventually other builders will help. it takes a while.
Puzzle 16: the cave - you must complete puzzle 13 for this. luckily, that's all you have to do. the golden child does the rest on his own.

Basics and Strategy guide
I have seen many questions that have simple answers, but no one seems willing to answer them. I have done my best to do so.
2X speed - main menu, options. you can also pause the game from there.
The game should tell you the basics, but in case it didn't or you weren't paying attention, here they are as well as how to use them.
To level up anything, you have to spend Science Points. So be sure to have someone researching at all times.
The more a villager knows about something, the better they do it. So if you want something done fast, use masters. But don't forget to round out a few villagers educations - I think you get an elder... it's been a while since I played, I don't remember.
Level 1: foraging - you must gather food to eat food. first you must forage in the berry bush, but don't think you can get away with that for too long. there is only a limited supply of berries.
Level 2: Farming - once you have level 2, drag a farmer on the strange ground under the research table in the middle of the village. start planting as soon as possible.
Level 3: Fishing - once the ocean is cleared, drag a farmer to it and drop him in. it may take a few tries.
Master - only a master farmer can catch the fish in the lagoon and complete puzzle 6.
Level 1: hut - your villagers need room to grow, but you may want to secure food before worrying about this. once you build your first hut, you can have more babies.
Level 2: population - you need to keep building to hold your growing number of villagers. upgrading allows you to
Level 3: temple - you need this to complete puzzle 11.
Master - only a master builder can dig for treasure and complete puzzle 15.
Level 1: nessessary - researching gives you tech points, which you need to upgrade. research as much as possible, so you can upgrade to farming and not worry so much about food. this should be done before worrying about building.
Level 2: more - as the levels get higher, they get more expensive. invest in technology early on and your tech points will soar.
level 3: treasure - not only will you get more points fast, but you need this to complete puzzle 15.
Master - only a master scientist can convert the school building and complete puzzle 4.
Level 1: healing - you need someone to heal your sick. anyone can do this. just drop a villager onto a sick villager. sick villagers can heal too. if you don't heal the sick, they will eventually die.
Level 2: less sick - the more healing you know, the less likely your villagers will get sick from minor things.
Level 3: live longer - the higher level you have, the longer your villagers will live.
Master - I have yet to find a use for the master doctor. healing is not too important in the scheme of things and can be left for later.
Parent/ Fertility
Level 1: embracing - children are usually the first thing you think about when playing a real time game. the more people, the faster things get done, right? but children have to reach age 14 before they are able to help out, though they do pick mushrooms before then. they eat as much as an adult, so be sure you have enough food to sustain them before having them.
Level 2: going inside - to have a baby, drag a villager onto a villager of the opposite sex. it will take a few tries at first, but when they say they are going inside, you've done it. if the girl doesn't come back with a baby, do it again. if you can't get two people to go inside, try someone else. they may just not like each other. nursing mothers have thier babies for two years before they become kids, and the mothers don't do anything during that time. be sure you can afford to lose thier help before having babies.
Level 3: golden child - you will need this before you can dip a baby and make a perminant 5 year old, the golden child, in puzzle 13.
Master - I have yet to find a use for a master parent, but they may be key to having twins and triplets.
Level 1: happiness - your villagers need guidence, but thier spirituality is not important until you need to solve certain puzzles.
Level 2: the dead - you need this to build a graveyard so you can bury your dead and complete puzzle 7.
Level 3: the idol - you need this to carve the rock and complete puzzle 12.

If there is anything I have forgotten to put in or I have made a mistake, please let me know by e-mailing Be sure to put Virtual Villagers in the subject line. 
I do not sell the games and I have not put up any cheats for the other games. If I do, I will post it here.
To those who's information helped me, thank you. You don't know who you are, but... neither do I. Thanks anyway.

i do not own virtual villagers or make any money off this site